Heroic Cop Rescues Two Frightened Pit Bulls and Soothes Them Until Assistance Arrives

As he made his way home in the wee hours of the morning, feeling the chill in the air, Patrick Hennessey must have been longing for the warmth of his bed. However, something caught him off guard on a busy and perilous road.


Initially, he was unsure of the identities of the two silhouettes that were huddled together in the darkness. However, as he approached them cautiously, it became apparent that they were actually a couple of pit bulls who were wounded. These fur babies were petrified and alone, unwilling to budge from each other’s sides, yearning for anyone to lend them a hand. Even though these friendly creatures were scared and uneasy, they couldn’t contain their joy at being saved by the most benevolent fellows in the city!


Hennessey got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who then dispatched two of their officers, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs, to stay with the canines until the Orange County Animal Services could take custody of them. Upon their arrival, the pooches appeared to have sensed that they were there to assist them, and immediately felt more secure. It was unfortunate that one of the dogs was in a pretty bad shape, prompting Deputies Boggs and Reed to bandage her wound using gauze to prevent further bleeding. Considering the place where they were found, it seemed apparent that the injuries were most likely from being hit by a car.


The pups were shivering and cold, but the officers embraced them tightly to provide warmth and comfort until further assistance arrived. Despite feeling exhausted and chilled, the officers were determined to not abandon the helpless animals.


After a couple of hours, the Animal Services in Orange County came to the rescue and took the dogs off the street to ensure their safety.


The furry friends, who were abandoned on the road, have been given the names Justice and Liberty by the kind shelter workers. Thanks to their efforts and care, these pups are now in good health and great spirits. They’ve left behind their fears and are showering the shelter staff with love and affection. These two lovely dogs are full of playfulness and affection, and they’re sure to make a delightful addition to any loving home.

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