“Heroic Service Dog Shields Blind Owner from School Bus Collision”

Audrey Stone shared her story while recuperating in the Danbury Hospital tower. Her loyal companion, Figo, a golden retriever, saved Stone’s life when he jumped in front of a mini-school bus to protect her on Monday. Audrey, who is legally blind, has been blessed with three service dogs. Figo was trained by the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown, and she joked that he deserves a Purple Heart for his bravery. According to Stone, she and Figo formed an instant bond from the moment they met. She had previously been accompanied by two other service dogs, Buddy, a black Labrador, and Leilani, another golden retriever.

Stone shared the special bond that she shares with her loyal companion, Figo. According to her, they have a solid relationship where they take care of each other and are always there for one another. Stone revealed that she is under constant medical supervision due to her injuries, which includes three fractured ribs, a damaged foot, and a shattered elbow. The unfortunate incident took place when they were returning home from their usual walk to Brewster. While crossing Michael Neuner Drive, Stone instructed Figo to cross the street.

Stone whispered, reminiscing about the incident, “Let’s fast forward.” Suddenly, they found themselves in the middle of the street. The events had unfolded so quickly that some witnesses argued that Figo had jumped in front of the bus, while others believed he was already there. According to Stone, a mini-school bus from Brewster schools was transporting two young children to St. Lawrence O’Toole Childhood Learning Center. The driver, who is suspended pending an investigation, did not see Stone or her dog.

Stone admitted that she has a vision impairment and scarcely remembered anything aside from one image. Her beloved pet, Figo, crawled towards her with his right paw severely injured. She felt that Figo would be in excruciating pain, and as he approached her, she saw his paw dripping with blood. “I knew he was hurting, and I was in shock. It felt like a battlefield,” Stone continued. Figo stood there, looking at her with intense eyes, wanting to come closer but sensing she was hurt.

Figo recently underwent a surgical procedure at Middlebranch Veterinary in Southeast to treat a wound on his right front leg. Thankfully, Figo is now in recovery and his leg is being supported by a sling. The heartwarming story of Stone and Figo has captured the attention of numerous individuals, with various news outlets spreading their tale. Lohud.com even received an outpouring of support from readers all over the country. Pastor Jennifer Boyd also paid a visit to Stone at the hospital and received numerous calls from well-wishers and media sources. Interestingly, Figo accompanies Stone to Trinity Lutheran Church but only joins for communion without actually partaking in it.

Boyd was feeling really upset upon learning about the incident and he shared his worries about it. He said that the road where Audrey and Figo were attacked was a usual route for them, and their strong bond was well-known to him. Boyd understood that Audrey needed to be at the hospital for her treatment and Figo had to stay with his trainer, but he was hopeful that they could reunite soon as it would be good for both of them. Audrey’s health condition was being closely monitored by the doctors, and she would require further surgical procedures and rehabilitation. It was still unclear when Audrey and her loyal dog, Figo could be reunited.

Stone shared her optimistic outlook, saying that she would have been heartbroken if her companion had met an untimely demise. Nevertheless, she happily reported that they both emerged from the event unscathed. When asked about her companion’s bravery, Stone recounted how he had always been her protector, even going so far as to place himself between her and a rogue shopping cart. In a lighthearted moment, Stone joked that she had initially planned to have dental work done on Monday but was unable to make it due to the unexpected adventure.

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