How a Delicious Muffin Helped Rescue a Stranded German Shepherd from a Canal

Dogs are notorious for their love of food. In fact, many pet owners have learned to use treats as motivation to encourage good behavior in their furry friends. But did you know that a dog’s hunger can save their life? This was recently demonstrated by a group of police officers in Glendale, Arizona who used a muffin to rescue a stranded German Shepherd. The canine had found itself stuck in a canal with no means of escape, but thankfully, the officers’ quick thinking and the dog’s insatiable appetite led to a happy ending.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers encountered a German Shepherd stuck in a canal. Officer Sorenson attempted to offer help, but the dog was too afraid and kept swimming away. To entice the dog towards them, Officer Downey had a brilliant idea. He grabbed a bag of pumpkin muffins that his wife had baked and offered them to the dog. To everyone’s surprise, the dog swam right over and indulged in the delicious treat. With the dog now close and trusting, Officer Sorenson was able to put a collar on him, allowing them to successfully lead him out of the water. It seems that Officer Downey’s wife is quite the baker!

As per the Facebook post, the officers successfully managed to save the life of a dog and returned it to its owner. The department commended the officers for their prompt actions, especially Officer Downey, who gave up his snack to save the dog. The department also added a humorous note, hoping that Officer Downey’s wife made him a fresh batch of muffins. Check out the rescue video below.

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