How a Family Abandoned Their Dog in Her Time of Need After a Car Accident

Family Didn’t Want Dog Back When She Needed Them Most After Being Hit By A Car

When the dog was hit by a car and needed her family the most, they didn’t want her back.

There are an abundance of dogs that are in need of loving homes, which means that any kind of injury or disability can unfortunately increase a puppy’s chances of being put down. This is particularly true when overcrowding occurs at animal shelters. As a result, some rescue organizations like Sidewalk Specials go the extra mile to care for all types of dogs, including those that are deemed difficult to place. They rescue dogs from abusive situations and from euthanasia lists, and they work hard to ensure they are placed in the perfect forever home.

If they didn’t step in, Willow, one of their rescued canines, would have been bound for either being put down or fending for itself on the streets.

A canine was taken to the veterinarian after being hit by a vehicle and left to fend for itself. The pet’s owners initially intended to save the animal, but they changed their minds when they found out that one of its limbs had to be amputated. As a result, they no longer wished to keep it. Willow was abandoned by her owners at the veterinary clinic, where they departed without so much as a glance in her direction.

Luckily, the fortunes of the lovely pooch turned around shortly thereafter! A wonderful family took her in and now she has a fellow four-legged companion to keep her company!

Check out the clip down below:

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