How A Kitten Changed My Dad’s Mind About Cats – A Heartwarming Story

Hira Khalid requested her father to take care of her feline, Bilu when she was away. To her surprise, her dad turned down the request, stating that he did not want to deal with the mess. Khalid, who studies at Pepperdine University, had recently welcomed Bilu into her family after adopting her from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center situated in Los Angeles. The kitten had become a beloved member of their household.

Khalid attempted to locate an alternative babysitter for Bilu. Unfortunately, her efforts were unsuccessful, and she resorted to requesting her parents’ assistance. She explained that since Bilu had already been potty-trained, there would be no complications, and she needed her parents’ help for a week. Although hesitant, Khalid’s father agreed to take care of Bilu if no other options were available. Thus, Khalid left Bilu with her parents for a week, while she went on vacation. Throughout her trip, Khalid was anxious about her son’s well-being at her parents’ house. However, to her relief, she did not receive any complaints. A few days later, Khalid was surprised to receive photos from her dad, who had taken pictures of himself cuddling with Bilu against his neck.

Khalid was pleasantly surprised when he saw his father bonding with Bilu, their friendly cat. He expressed his delight and amazement, as he had not expected his father to get so close to Bilu.

“My dad is not the type to send selfies,” she chuckled. “So when he sent me those pictures, I was taken aback and found it hilarious.”

After Khalid returned to Los Angeles, she collected Bilu from her parents’ home. Although her father did not volunteer to babysit Bilu again, she believes that her parents were reluctant to see him leave.

According to Khalid, his companions indicated that they would feel the absence of his pet when he placed it in his bag to transport it back to his dwelling. However, Khalid currently has no intentions of embarking on another journey shortly. Khalid expressed that he didn’t even want to depart from his pet and missed him throughout the expedition.

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