“Introducing Pompous Albert: The Feline Celebrity on Instagram Who Constantly Sports a Grumpy Expression and Looks Like Einstein”

Introducing Pompous Albert, the Selkirk Rex cat whose untamed grey fur and forever frown have made him an Instagram sensation with 44.1K followers. He’s named after Albert Einstein because of his wild hair, and his quirky personality is often captured in photos by his owners. Watch out, Grumpy Cat, there’s some new competition in town!

Albert is from Salt Lake City and is a constant source of entertainment to his 44.1k Instagram followers

Coming all the way from Salt Lake City, Albert never ceases to entertain his massive following of 44.1k on Instagram.

The cat is seen glaring directly into the camera

Albert Einstein was the source of inspiration for the cat due to sharing the same hair

Meet Albert, a charming feline with curly white and grey hair, who was given his name in honor of the infamous physicist Albert Einstein. His owners, Mike and Susan Singleton from Salt Lake City, USA, have created an Instagram account for him, showcasing various pictures of Albert in different situations, often sporting a frown and disapproving feline brow. Despite being a declined show cat, Albert’s bio confidently declares, “I’ll show them.” Every image is accompanied by a sarcastic caption, adding to Albert’s mischievous personality. For instance, one shot of him staring directly at the camera is captioned, “I’m not agitated or angry; I just happen to be smarter and better looking than you.” Another image reads, “Albert’s Office Tip: This is the expression you make when your boss asks you to work overtime during the weekend.” Joining the likes of Grumpy Cat, another feline with a permanently grumpy look due to dwarfism, Albert has also become a sensation on social media.

Albert is a breed of Selkirk Rex, known for their wild, curly hair - but not usually for their angered appareances

Meet Albert, a Selkirk Rex cat with a unique and wild-looking curly coat. While this breed is known for its distinctive fur, it’s not typically known for being aggressive or fierce.

No matter what angle Albert is pictured from, his moody disposition stays the same

No matter how you look at it, Albert always seems to have a gloomy expression on his face.

Albert's owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, show a dramatic contrast in mood, compared to their very own 'grumpy cat'

Mike and Susan Singleton, the proud owners of Albert the cat, are in complete contrast to their furry friend’s moody personality. Albert, also known as ‘grumpy cat,’ has become quite the sensation with his poodle-like fur and a constant scowl on his face. In a photo, he was caught red-handed while digging through the garbage and stared defiantly at the camera, and in another, he glared menacingly with his paw resting on his toy cat’s tail. Despite his bad temper, Albert has managed to gain a following of fans who appreciate his “b**** resting face” and find his scowl endearing. Some have even described him as a Disney Villain, while others have stated that he emanates “pure unbridled hate.”

Caught rummaging through the bin, Albert still stares defiantly at his owner

Albert maintains his defiance and gazes at his owner, even after being caught rummaging through the garbage.

When sat with other cats, Albert's grumpy disposition is really emphasised

Albert constantly maintains his look of anger and disapproval

No matter if he’s hanging out with other cats or just being lazy, Albert never seems to lose his grumpy and disapproving look.

Albert is pictured with a sinister paw on the tail of a toy mouse, with the same angered look on his face

Meet Pompous Albert, the feline sensation with a massive Instagram following of 44.1K. In a recent snapshot, he’s captured with his paw on a toy mouse’s tail, looking quite displeased. Share your thoughts or give this post a thumbs up!

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