“Kim Kardashian’s Quest to Join Forces with the United Nations in Pursuit of Angelina Jolie’s Path”

According to reports, Kim Kardashian is looking to expand her list of titles beyond being a fashion icon and selfie queen, as she now wants to be known as a philanthropist. Her recent visit to Armenia has sparked an interest in getting involved with the United Nations.

According to an exclusive source from OKMagazine.com, Kim has aspirations of becoming the next Angelina Jolie and using her platform in the UN to support various charitable causes.

According to sources, the reality star’s recent trip to Armenia with her family has inspired her to become more involved in charity work. While her husband Kanye West is a driving force behind this newfound passion, Kim Kardashian herself has become interested in giving back after learning about Armenia’s history of genocide during her visit. It’s worth noting that just three years ago, Kim was the one advising her sister Kourtney against becoming involved in activism on behalf of Armenia. However, it seems that Kim is now eager to build up her own philanthropic portfolio and move away from her reputation as someone who values greed above all else.

Kim’s potential work with the UN would be a new experience for her, but she has previously shown a willingness to help others. On KUWTK, she shared that her father, Robert Kardashian, would take her and her sisters to Skid Row in LA to provide food to homeless individuals. Additionally, in 2014, she expressed interest in adopting a young girl named Pink from a poverty-stricken area of Thailand. This shows Kim’s commitment to helping those in need. The source of this information is Ok Magazine.

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