“Kitten Power: How Two Rescued Felines are Making a Purrfect Impact on Employee Morale at the Workplace!”

A small transportation company in Ohio came up with a plan to boost office morale, but little did they know it would become an Internet sensation. The plan was to adopt two rescue kittens to work alongside the staff of six. The idea was a hit and everyone in the office was delighted. One staff member even posted a video of the kittens playing with a box, which quickly went viral, making the pair a sensation on the Internet. Allow us to introduce you to Debit and Credit!

The charming cats have gained popularity as the internet sensation “office kittens” on Reddit and they even have their own Instagram profile with more than 48,000 followers.

The story started when a transportation company in Ohio’s IT department hired or rescued two capable kittens to play with boxes throughout the day.

Performing repetitive tasks in the same office on a daily basis can be quite tedious and monotonous. Therefore, the management team made a decision to adopt two adorable kittens with the aim of boosting the employees’ morale.

The adorable little kittens spend their days playing with boxes, which keeps them busy and entertained. They also enjoy snuggling up together, as they have been best friends since the beginning.

The workplace is a cozy one with only six staff members. Despite one colleague’s cat allergy, she doesn’t seem to be affected by the presence of feline pets in the office.

Both of them have the talent of diverting the attention of their colleagues.

The concept of credit can be compared to a mysterious and captivating gentleman with an unusual aura.

Debit is a charming lady.

As a unit, they are an amazing duo.

Our workspace includes a designated area where our furry feline friends can relax and spend the night comfortably. During weekends, we make sure to drop by and cuddle with them while also engaging in playtime activities.

I think it’s an excellent concept, and more organizations should follow suit.

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