Left for Dead: A Heartbreaking Tale of an Abandoned Dog Hit by a Car

A phone call came in asking for my help with an injured dog that was in a bad condition. The poor dog couldn’t even stand up and would fall down after taking a few steps. It was unclear what had happened to him, but he seemed to have been near water as he was soaking wet. We took him to the vet where they noted his low fever of 37.

She’s taking a sip, lacking fluids, and sustaining numerous injuries. The vet administered some soothing fluids, and I have blankets and a thermophore in the car.

“I am making sure she is comfortable and warm. She broke my heart, but I still want her to survive. It seems that she may have been hit by a car, which caused her current condition. Someone threw her into the river. I am staying by her side, and we are hoping for a miracle. Her name is Dara, and I ask that you please keep her in your prayers.”

It was evident that the dog had an owner since she had a collar mark on her neck. It is unbelievable that someone could abandon an aged dog like her. She seemed to have lived her entire life tied to a chain. Fortunately, Dara was in better condition and seemed to be hungry and thirsty. I am relieved that we found her in time.

It’s been a few days now, but the good news is that my furry friend is showing some signs of improvement. She’s wagging her tail and even willing to take a short walk on her own. The vet has run numerous tests and found that there is water in her lungs and around her heart. Unfortunately, she’s also dehydrated and can’t receive an IV as it could put too much strain on her lungs and potentially be fatal.

After undergoing several treatments, Dara is feeling much improved and I’m providing her with all the love and care she needs along with veterinary treatment. This is exactly what she needs to keep getting better.

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