“Left to Suffer Alone: Abandoned and Trembling in Agony and Chilliness Like Rubbish”

They left them at the dumpster as if they were worthless, causing them to shiver from the chilly weather and suffer in agony.


Two adorable black and tan puppies were discovered sitting calmly in a dumpster, surrounded by trash bags and an old watermelon as if they were trying to blend in. Fortunately, a kind-hearted individual noticed them and immediately alerted environmental officials in Spartanburg, South Carolina, who swiftly responded to the scene.


Not long after, the phone at Greenville Humane Society began to ring incessantly. “We received a call asking if we could take them,” Rachel Delport, the CEO of Greenville Humane Society, said to The Dodo in a relaxed tone. “And, naturally, we agreed.” Delport expressed her disappointment that someone could abandon a vulnerable animal in the garbage.


She expressed her sorrow upon witnessing individuals who fail to provide proper care for animals. Fortunately, the puppies, who were later given the names Dash and Dina, were rescued and surrounded by individuals who showed them affection and care. As a result, their personalities flourished and they became more lively, enjoying every bit of attention they received.



According to Delport, once Dash and Dina arrived at the shelter, they were immediately given lots of affection and toys to play with. The humane society made sure that the dogs had everything they needed to become great candidates for adoption, and even organized a photoshoot for them.


After being taken in by Delport, Dash and Dina were now prepared to embark on their new journey of finding a loving family that would give them a forever home. Despite being uncertain about their future, Delport remained optimistic and believed that they would soon find the perfect family. He mentioned that many people had shown interest in the two dogs and contacted him to inquire about their well-being. The community was supportive and rooting for Dash and Dina’s successful adoption.

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