Steph Curry Playfully Teases About Joining Charlotte Hornets, But Remains Committed to Golden State Warriors as His Career Destination

During his acceptance speech, Stephen Curry, NBA Finals MVP and Golden State Warriors All-Star, hinted that at some point during his career he would be open to playing for the Charlotte Hornets, although he fully intends to retire a Warrior. Curry made these comments while appearing in Charlotte to accept the key to the city. “Everybody asks me, ‘You wanna play one year for the Hornets and come back?’… I am not breaking any news right now, I’m not making any promises. All I would say is if there was a team that I did want to play for that was not named the Warriors, that would be it,” Curry said.

Stephen Curry poses with NBA Finals and NBA Finals MVP trophy following Game Six victory

Stephen Curry proudly poses with the NBA Finals trophy and NBA Finals MVP trophy after winning Game Six.

Curry and teammates depart team plane after landing in California following NBA Finals win

Curry, who grew up in Charlotte, expressed his love for the city where his father Dell once played and still calls home. He stated that Charlotte is in his blood and DNA, and he is proud of it. Whenever someone asks him where he is from, Curry says he wasn’t born there but he is from Charlotte. He spent the best 21 years of his life in the city and carries that with him wherever he goes.

Steph and his father Dell Curry (right) talk before Warriors vs. Hornets game in 2011

Steph Curry and his father, Dell Curry, were caught conversing before the Warriors vs. Hornets game in 2011.

Dell Curry spent 10 years as a guard for Hornets before becoming commentator in retirement

Former Hornets guard, Dell Curry, spent a decade playing for the team before transitioning to a commentator in retirement. His father also played for ten seasons in Charlotte, averaging 14 points per season, and Dell has been working as a commentator for the team since 2009.

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Stuart Broad has shared James Anderson’s response to his retirement announcement. Despite only attending college for a short trip up the road from Charlotte at Davidson University, Anderson’s ties to the area run deep. Nevertheless, he made it clear that his loyalties remain with Golden State, after spending his entire career to this point with the franchise. “I’ve always said I wanted to finish my career at Golden State because of how much it means and the experiences and teammates and the journey we’ve been on,” he said.

Curry shoots three pointer over the outstretched arm of Ja Morant in 2022 NBA All-Star game

A picture shows Curry shooting a three-pointer with the stretched arm of Moran in the 2022 NBA All-Star game.

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