Lonely Pup Left to Suffer: Distressed and Bloated, Yearning for Assistance

Azalea’s inspiring journey from hopelessness to healing is truly heartwarming. Her story is one of perseverance and resilience that has touched countless lives.

On the 8th of June, a heartbreaking incident occurred when an innocent dog named Azalea was heartlessly tossed into a bush during a heavy rainstorm. Fortunately, fate intervened when a kind-hearted person named Adi stumbled upon the helpless canine struggling on the side of the road. Unfortunately, Azalea’s movements were severely hindered by her swollen belly, and it appeared as though she had given up all hope. Medical experts who later tended to her described Azalea’s case as one of the most severe abdominal injuries they’ve ever seen.

After taking a closer look, it became clear that Azalea’s swollen belly was caused by a risky build-up of fluid which is commonly linked to liver issues. The significant amount of fluid present also put her at risk of organ displacement, making her condition even more uncertain.

The doctors were worried about Azalea’s difficulty in breathing due to the accumulation of fluid that could push vital organs into her chest. To fully understand her condition, Azalea had to undergo more medical assessments like blood tests, ultrasounds, and X-rays which confirmed the fluid buildup as the root of her distended size. Further investigations revealed that there were underlying issues with her heart.

As a result, the removal of the liquid had to be postponed until the following day, as more tests were required. During this time, Azalea was given fluids through an IV to help improve her overall wellbeing. She was also given medication to alleviate any discomfort and a catheter was inserted to keep track of her urine output.

The doctors found out that Azalea’s liver enzyme level was too high, indicating the possibility of a liver tumor. To confirm this, they drained some fluid for further analysis. Azalea had to be sedated for the procedure, which made her already stressed condition worse. However, the medical team took her out for walks to help her relax. Miraculously, she showed progress by walking farther each day.

Azalea had her first fluid draining session and the doctors successfully removed over 2 liters of fluid from her body. Luckily, she bounced back quickly and showed signs of a healthy appetite. However, due to the removal of the fluid, her emaciated body became apparent, revealing her ribs and spine. The lab results provided a ray of hope as the fluid sample tested negative for cancer. Despite the fact that there was more fluid to be drained, around 5+ liters, Azalea’s overall health improved, allowing her to walk better and even bark, which shows that she is feeling more comfortable.

As the last bit of fluid was removed from her body, Azalea felt her energy and vigor returning. She even started to feel hungry again and had more stamina to explore the clinic. Her voice, once weak, became stronger and more positive as time went on.

In due course, all the abdominal fluid was drained away successfully, and doctors prescribed medication to prevent any new build-up. Azalea’s impressive recovery went without a hitch, showcasing her resilience and unwavering determination.

Azalea was discharged from the hospital after being under intensive care for a week, and she was a little nervous at first. However, it didn’t take long for her to adjust to her improved state of well-being. She was given a clean bill of health and is now a happy, lively, and active companion. Azalea enjoys her meals, loves to play, and has quickly adapted to her new environment.

Azalea’s remarkable adventure is a true testament to the power of kindness and skilled veterinary treatment. Despite being abandoned in the rain, this once-vulnerable creature is now a cherished and healthy pet. Her journey highlights the resilience of animals and the significance of lending a hand to those in distress. We welcome Azalea home with open arms and hope her days are filled with boundless love, joy, and tail-wagging. Please share this story with your loved ones!

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