“Love is in the air: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Disneyland adventure captured in exclusive photos”

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are going strong with their relationship nearing almost a year. The couple indulged in a romantic Disneyland evening in California where they held hands, enjoyed treats and even had a private VIP tour. Their love seems to only be growing stronger.

Still going strong: Selena Gomez, 25, and The Weeknd, 27, showed no signs of slowing down as they two enjoyed a PDA-filled evening at Disneyland in California on Sunday

Selena Gomez at 25 and her partner The Weeknd, aged 27, remain a strong couple as evidenced by their recent visit to Disneyland in California. The two were caught on camera showing affection towards each other throughout the evening. Selena was seen wearing black pants and a matching tank top which made her look relaxed and content. The weather began to cool down as the night progressed, so she opted to throw on a black sweatshirt over her monochromatic outfit. To complete her lowkey look, she wore black and white sneakers and a Slow Factory necklace named ‘We The People’ whose proceeds go to the ACLU. Selena’s dark hair was styled in two tight braids and she appeared to have very minimal makeup on.

Keeping warm: Selena looked happy and comfortable in black pants and a dark matching tank top, which she paired with a sweatshirt as the weather got cooler 

Staying cozy: Selena appeared content and at ease in her black pants along with a matching dark tank top, complemented by a sweatshirt as the temperature began to drop.

Enjoying their time together: The PDA-filled couple stayed close throughout the evening

Enjoying their time together: The PDA-filled couple stayed close throughout the evening

Having a great time in each other’s company: The couple, who were not shy to show public displays of affection, remained intimately close all through the night.

Grabbing a bite: Selena - rocking a Slow Factory 'We The People' necklace - was enjoying some treats in the park as she put on a white sweater

Having a quick snack: Selena, who was sporting a ‘We The People’ necklace from Slow Factory, was seen indulging in some goodies while spending time at the park. She had paired her casual look with a white sweater.

The couple were with two bodyguards, although no one appeared to bother them

The duo was accompanied by a couple of bodyguards, but they didn’t seem to attract much attention. The Weeknd, who goes by Abel Makkonen Tesfaye in real life, chose to dress casually in a red, white, and black sweatsuit. He paired his outfit with a matching zip-up jacket and a black t-shirt underneath. They arrived at the park at around 8:30 pm and were given a VIP tour along with another couple. Although they had two bodyguards with them, it appeared that they were able to enjoy their time at the park without any disturbance.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, also opted for comfort in a red, white and black sweatsuit

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, popularly known as The Weeknd, chose to prioritize comfort by wearing a cozy red, white, and black tracksuit.

Disney staple: Selena also enjoyed a churro, which is one of the park's staple snacks 

Selena indulged in one of Disneyland’s classic treats – a churro, which is a must-have snack at the theme park.

Cute hair: Selena wore her hair in two tight braids on either side of her head 

Lovely hairstyle: Selena sported two neatly done braids on each side of her head while having a blast on her day out. To satisfy her sweet tooth, she indulged in the delicious churros. The duo explored California Adventure, taking a ride at Cars Land and enjoying Soaring over California’s thrill. They even braved the Guardians of the Galaxy ride twice!

Having a blast: The couple spent time in California Adventure, visiting Cars Land and going on a few rides, including Soaring over California

The couple had an amazing time at California Adventure where they explored Cars Land and enjoyed some thrilling rides, such as Soaring over California.

Enjoying their time together: They looked like they were having fun as Selena giggled while following her man 

Having a good time together: It seemed like they were enjoying themselves as Selena chuckled while trailing her significant other.

The Fetish singer enjoyed her snack and guided tour around Disneyland in Anaheim

The lead vocalist of Fetish had a fun time munching on snacks and exploring Disneyland in Anaheim. They decided to leave just before the park closed for the night. Recently, the couple has been frequently sharing their experiences with each other on social media. The Weeknd uploaded an adorable image of himself cuddling up to his girlfriend as they enjoyed video games and savored slices of pizza.

Fun few hours: They left just before the park closed for the night

We had a blast for a few hours, but had to leave right before the park closed for the night. The 27-year-old captured the moment with a heartwarming photo and wrote “Home” as the caption. Selena Gomez and her boyfriend, The Weeknd, have been together for less than a year, since they were first linked in January after he ended his relationship with Bella Hadid. The Weeknd has been busy on tour since February and will resume performing on September 6 in University Park, Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Selena has recently released her latest music video for her song Fetish.

Cute! The Weeknd posted a cute picture of the pair, showing his arms wrapped around his girlfriend as he played video games and snacked on plates of pizza

Adorable! The Weeknd shared an endearing snapshot of himself and his girlfriend, with his arms tightly wrapped around her as he indulged in some gaming and delicious pizza.

Still going strong: Selena and the I Feel It Coming singer have been dating for less than a year, after first being linked in January following his split from model Bella Hadid

Selena and her beau, the singer behind the hit song I Feel It Coming, are still together and going steady. They’ve only been a couple for under a year, having been romantically linked in January when he broke up with model Bella Hadid.

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