Loving Motherhood: Sonya Curry’s Memoir on Raising NBA Players with Faith and Love

Sonya Curry, the mother of renowned NBA players Stephen and Seth Curry, is all set to release her upcoming memoir “Fierce Love” on May 3. In the book, she shares her experiences and challenges faced while raising her family, her commitment towards education, and how her faith helped her get through tough times. Being an educator herself, Sonya aims to motivate readers to discover meaning and determination in their own lives. She emphasizes the importance of prayer, living purposefully, expressing love with intensity, and finding joy in every moment. Sonya’s memoir promises to be an inspiring and heartening read.

sonya curry

In her latest book, “Fierce Love,” Sonya shares her life story, including her experience being married to NBA legend Dell Curry and raising three accomplished children: Stephen, Seth, and Sydel Curry-Lee. The book delves into her upbringing in rural Virginia, the challenges she faced while raising her talented children, her journey towards finding solace in her faith, and founding a Montessori school. Sonya’s children are supportive of her latest venture and even co-host the “Raising Fame” podcast with her.

Sonya Curry with her sons

Stephen, a prominent figure in the Golden State Warriors, has shared that his mother has been an enduring source of motivation, belief, discipline, and thankfulness for him and his siblings since their early days. Similarly, Seth, who also plays professional basketball for the Brooklyn Nets, acknowledges their mother’s constant backing throughout their childhood. He affirms that “while growing up, our mom was the one who inspired us to strive for more.” Sydel, their sister, eagerly anticipates people getting to know their mother through her captivating tale and appreciating how she has been a pillar for their family.

Sonya Curry with daughter Sydel

In a recent chat with PEOPLE, Stephen Curry opened up about his mother’s incredible dedication to serving others. Being an educator, she always put philanthropy first, whether it was mentoring students or comforting parents. Stephen has seen firsthand the sacrifices his mother has made to make a difference in people’s lives, and it has left a lasting impression on him. Fans of the Curry family are eagerly awaiting the release of their inspiring story in Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose, which hits bookshelves on May 3rd.

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