Meowing feline discovers its purr-fect match, lives happily ever after.

A tiny calico kitten and her littermates were brought to an animal shelter in North Carolina. The kitten was lagging behind in her development, and still required bottle feedings around the clock. Although another rescue group had taken in her siblings, they were unable to provide for the needs of the littlest one. Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, was contacted about taking her in. Upon arriving at the shelter, Kelly picked up the kitten immediately. The kitten, who was named Cinco (or Cici for short) after her arrival on Cinco de Mayo, was minuscule and had a lot of growing to do. She showed immediate gratitude and expressed her desire for love and sustenance through vocalization.

Cici experienced a new level of comfort and satisfaction as she settled into bed with a satiated belly. Cozily nestled in a warm, soft bed, she eagerly awaited Sarah’s arrival with her bottle. Overwhelmed with joy, Cici would cry out and stretch up on her tippy-toes, hoping for head rubs from her loving foster mother. From deafening meows, her vocalizations reduced to faint squeaks as she enjoyed the luxury of a full stomach. She savored every moment of lying on her plush blanket, kneading away while basking in complete contentment.

In the following days, Cici showed tremendous growth and her unique personality shone through. She remained talkative, keeping her foster mother informed about her daily activities while receiving undivided attention. Cici exuded confidence and independence, like a noble princess who had her own way of doing things, always being careful and graceful in her approach.

After Cici received her medical clearance to interact with other kittens, she was introduced to a roomy living space alongside some other foster companions. One of her roommates was a charming tuxedo cat named Gaia who strutted around with a dignified demeanor, completely carefree. Gaia, like Cici, was also rescued as a solo kitten and was overjoyed to have feline peers to romp and frolic with.

The calico cat casually approached the woman and nestled up to her, almost as if they were siblings. Despite having other cat companions, Cici favored staying close to Gaia and never strayed too far away. According to Sarah, the two cats had an immediate connection and would spend their time cuddling and playing with each other.

While the other kittens were engaged in wild play, creating uproarious noise, Cici stood apart as the exception. Whenever her foster mom showed up, she’d abandon all else and make a beeline for her. Cici’s chosen spot was always on her foster mom’s lap or shoulder, where she’d contently watch the other kittens’ antics. Even when she joined in, it was with a delicate touch, unlike the rough and tumble play of her peers. Cici was undoubtedly a petite diva.

As soon as Cici was ready for adoption, she expressed her desire to be adopted alongside her best friend. Recently, their wish came true when an amazing couple visited them and decided to adopt them together. The joyous news was received with great excitement as the two girls have found a loving family and a permanent home. Their future looks bright and promising, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Cookie and Cici, who have been renamed Gaia, are set to embark on new adventures while bringing countless purrs and happiness to their new abode.

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