“Miraculous Survival: A Dog Endures Wire Cutting on Neck with No Help in Sight”

Animal Aid Unlimited was called to rescue a dog who had been injured. To their surprise, they found the poor pup running in the middle of the road with wire deeply embedded in his neck, causing him immense pain and uncertainty.

The team responsible for rescuing him had to employ a net to capture him since they couldn’t take the risk of him escaping, which would have resulted in his unavoidable demise.

Once the rescue team brought him to Animal Aid, the doctors took immediate action to save his life. They removed the wire and administered a range of treatments including antibiotics, wound dressing, IV fluids and pain relievers.

The veterinarian expressed his shock at the extent of the suffering that the animal must have endured for several weeks, based on the severe damage caused by the wire to its entire neck.

It’s incredible that despite suffering a serious injury, he still had the perseverance to search for sustenance and hydration.

Fortunately, just in time, they save this beloved boy we named Sage. They not only alleviate his suffering but also restore his very existence.

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