“Mother Dog’s Brave Act: Delivering Puppies on Chilly Pavement, Shielding Her Litter with Unwavering Courage”

In Karditsa, Greece, there is a compassionate group of volunteers known as the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team. They have made it their mission to rescue, care for, and find forever homes for stray animals that have been left behind or mistreated in the area. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to provide comfort and love to these deserving creatures.

As the team works to combat the growing population of stray dogs in Greece, they face various challenges along the way. One of the most heartbreaking situations they encounter is nursing mothers with their vulnerable puppies, and Souzi’s story is no exception.

Souzi, a female Greek Kokkoni, lived in a village where some locals provided her with food and water. However, none of them took the initiative to have her spayed, which led to an unfortunate outcome. She ended up giving birth on a cold, hard concrete yard. Tragedy struck just three days later when she was hit by a car, which caused a hind leg injury.

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team had to act quickly when they realized that Souzi, who was still nursing her adorable pups, required urgent medical attention. Despite it being late on a Sunday evening, the team took Souzi and her four puppies to the vet. Vet Rania provided immediate pain relief to Souzi and arranged for a comprehensive evaluation in the morning.

Souzi and her offspring are receiving adequate care, including food, water, and comfort. The team is actively working to provide all the necessary care that they need. Souzi’s determination is evident as she takes care of her young ones who remain close to her at all times.

It’s hard to believe that a sweet and charming dog like Souzi was abandoned to wander the streets alone in Northern Europe or the United States. The next day, veterinarian Rania conducted a thorough examination on Souzi to assess the severity of her injuries. Unfortunately, her leg was badly injured with fractures in two locations and damaged skin. As a result, Souzi and her puppies will stay under Rania’s supervision for some time.

Souzi is in a good state as she nurses her puppies effortlessly, and their tender age allows them to stick close to her. The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team is committed to ensuring that Souzi’s recuperation goes smoothly. We are optimistic that she will soon be back to her old self.

Souzi’s delightful personality and charisma make her an exceptional contender for adoption, and without a doubt, she will be welcomed into a loving home in no time. The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team deserves sincere appreciation for their unrelenting commitment to protecting the welfare of precious creatures like Souzi.

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