Parting Ways with Angelina Jolie: The Surprising Story Behind a Luxury Brand’s $12 Million Decision to Move On

In 2005, the luxurious fashion brand, St. John, made a huge splash when they announced that Angelina Jolie would be their new spokesperson. The announcement was accompanied by a jaw-dropping price tag of $12 million, which made Jolie one of the highest-paid celebs for advertising at that time. The stunning actress was the perfect embodiment of the brand’s elegance, with her striking features, including sharp eyes, defined jawline, and fuller lips. Her campaign photos in black and white were a hit among the audiences. However, their collaboration didn’t end on a positive note, and things eventually took a turn for the worst, leading to their separation.

Angelina Jolie was simply breathtaking in her designer outfit made from wool, tweed, and leather. Her style exuded grace, sophistication, and a touch of vulnerability. It was during her happy family years with Brad Pitt, as they raised their four lovely children. However, this was also when Jolie parted ways with St. John, which could have been due to her captivating looks and personal life.

Glenn McMahon, the former CEO of St John, admitted to Women’s Wear Daily (WWW) that Angelina Jolie’s presence had overshadowed the brand during his leadership. He acknowledged that they aimed to distance themselves from celebrity collaborations and phase out blonde models entirely. The company hoped to showcase a modern and unique perspective of St John and prove their willingness to evolve.

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