“Pint-sized pup becomes hero after fending off coyote to protect his sibling”

It’s amazing how dogs can display such unwavering loyalty and bravery. They’re willing to put themselves in harm’s way just to protect their family. This was proven by a little dog who showed immense courage when he faced off with a wild coyote to save his brother.
Meet Vinny, a tiny but mighty 11-year-old Maltese rescue weighing only ten pounds and sporting three teeth. Although his size may deceive you, Vinny has always had a scrappy personality, as stated by his proud owners.

David Mascaluso, a resident of Mission Viejo in California, shared his experience with his pet dog Vinny, who had a rough start when he first came home. Vinny growled at him when he tried to pet him on the first day. However, Vinny has proven himself to be a brave and loyal friend to his new puppy brother, Harley. A few weeks ago, the owners accidentally left their doggy door open, and Harley ran into the backyard where he encountered two wild coyotes that caught him by the neck. Vinny heard Harley’s cries for help and rushed into the yard to chase off the coyotes. Despite his small size and young age, Vinny was very intimidating, and his low growl shocked the coyotes, scaring them off. CBS Los Angeles reported the heroic act of Vinny, who saved Harley’s life.

The Macalusos were amazed when their old 11-year-old, 10-pound dog with only three teeth chased off a 60-pound coyote. According to KTLA, they were proud of their little hero, Vinny, for doing an excellent job. Although Harley, the dog, suffered some injuries from the coyote bites, Vinny was able to intervene just in time to save him. Fortunately, Harley is recovering well. The Macalusos planned to reward Vinny with a steak, but due to his dental situation, they decided to get him a superhero cape instead.

According to Macaluso who shared the story with CBS Los Angeles, Vinny is a superhero. He has always been a fighter and fearless. The owners plan to keep the doggy door closed for now and hope that this inspiring story encourages others to be more careful with their pets. Vinny is a true hero, proving that sometimes small packages can bring forth the bravest heroes. If you adore dogs, please spread the word about this uplifting tale!



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