Rescuing a Dying Dog: One Guy’s Heroic Act in the Desert

Matt Bentley was exploring the rugged terrain of the West Desert near Utah’s Salt Flats in January 2018 when he noticed movement along the trail. Initially, he found it difficult to identify the object due to its unappealing appearance. However, as he drew closer, he noticed that it was a dog. The poor creature was in a terrible condition, being both undernourished and bald.

In that moment, Bentley knew he couldn’t just leave her behind. He took her to the Utah Adoption Animal Clinic immediately, where she received much-needed medical care. Despite everything she had been through, the friendly pup, named Kelly, remained loving and sociable towards humans.

Following a visit to the vet and receiving adequate care and love, it was time for Kelly to find a permanent home. After three months, Jamie Jacques and her family adopted Kelly as their own. Thankfully, Kelly adapted effortlessly to her new environment, where she gained an older furry sibling named Rocky. The pair has formed an unbreakable bond and can often be found together.

It’s hard to imagine that Kelly, the furry dog you see now, was once a bald pup scampering through the desert. Thanks to Bentley, who discovered her and brought her to safety, Jamie and her family are forever indebted for rescuing Kelly and providing her with the medical care she needed.

Bentley had saved Kelly over a year ago, and they recently reunited. To his surprise, she looked markedly different and had made significant progress since their last meeting. Bentley expressed his amazement at her transformation while tears filled his eyes. Jamie also became emotional, acknowledging the depth of Bentley’s actions and the unknown outcome had he not intervened.

Bentley characterized the ending of the tale as having a fairytale-like quality. She observed that it was satisfying to see how the protagonist had come full circle and ended up in the position she is currently in.

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