Saving a Dog in Distress: Providing Urgent Medical Attention to a Canine with Two Injured Limbs on the Roadside.

A dog with deformed legs was found wandering the streets in great distress. He had been living on the streets for most of his life and the rescuers were amazed at how he had survived for so long. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the dog had twisted paws due to a tail amputation when he was a puppy. The absence of his tail had resulted in deformities in his paws. The vet suggested either surgery or physical therapy sessions to correct the deformity. However, the best solution was to use a prosthesis cast that would improve his performance by 60%. The procedure was performed under anesthesia and despite its unpleasantness, the dog showed courage and determination to have a normal life. The rehabilitation process will be lengthy, but with the support of amazing people, this dog can now look forward to a much better life.








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