Savior Rescues Dying Dog Stranded in the Desert

During an off-roading adventure in the West Desert near the Salt Flats of Utah in January 2018, Matt Bentley noticed an unusual movement along the trail. At first, he couldn’t quite figure out what it was because of its rugged appearance. However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that it was a dog. To his dismay, the dog looked extremely malnourished and was almost entirely bald.

At that moment, Bentley came to the realization that he could not simply leave her behind. He acted quickly and brought her to the Utah Adoption Animal Clinic where she received the much-needed care. Despite Kelly’s difficult past, she remained friendly and loving towards humans.

Following the proper care and attention given by a qualified veterinarian, Kelly was ready to find a permanent home after three months. Jamie Jacques and her family eventually became Kelly’s adoptive parents, and she had no trouble adapting to her new environment. In fact, she even gained a new dog sibling named Rocky, with whom she shares an inseparable bond. Their relationship is truly remarkable and heartwarming to witness.

It’s hard to imagine that Kelly, a furry and playful pup, was once a hairless dog running wild in the desert. Jamie and her loved ones will always be thankful to Bentley for discovering Kelly and taking her to safety, where she received the medical care she needed.

Bentley was able to reunite with Kelly after saving her over a year ago, and he was amazed at the significant changes in her appearance. He expressed his surprise at her growth and development during the past year, causing tears to well up in his eyes as he spoke. Jamie also commented on the raw emotions of the situation, acknowledging the uncertainty of what would have happened if Bentley had not intervened.

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