“Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s Beach Adventure in the Hamptons: A Day of Fun, Sun, and Eye-Popping Swimwear”

Last Friday, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost decided to take a break from their busy schedules and soak up some sun off the coast of Hamptons. The 37-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning in her wine-red bikini, enjoying the company of her husband and friends on a stylish boat. Her daring bikini top, high-waisted bottoms, and white baseball cap accentuated her gorgeous appearance while keeping her skin protected from the sun’s rays.

Red-y or not! Scarlett Johansson wowed in a wine red bikini while relaxing on board a boat with her husband and several friends off the coast of the Hamptons on Friday

Scarlet Johansson was spotted on a boat near the Hamptons, rocking a burgundy bikini that perfectly complemented her stunning looks. Sporting sunglasses and a shiny gold pendant necklace, she looked effortlessly cool while basking in the sun. Scarlet spent quality time with her friends, taking part in some fun summer activities like fishing and sunbathing. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely and even took out her phone to capture some memorable moments together.

Boat loads of fun! The actress basked in the sunshine in a wine red bikini

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Toweling off: She wrapped a navy blue towel around her waist as she hung out on the deck

The experience of sailing on the boat was simply delightful! The female performer enjoyed the rays of sun, which were warming her up and enhancing her beauty by showcasing her in a breathtaking deep red bikini.

Keeping connected: Despite enjoying some fun in the sun, she was still connected to her phone

Staying in Touch: Despite basking in the delightful warmth of the sun, she found a way to keep herself connected to her phone.

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

Hey, do you want to have a look at this set of photos with me?

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

The lovely lady was protecting herself from the sun’s rays with a combination of sunglasses and a stylish hat. The atmosphere that enveloped her was bustling and vibrant with activity.

Rest and relax! Johansson admired the ocean views as her friend topped up her tan beside her

Take a deep breath and unwind! Actress Scarlett Johansson was spotted soaking up the picturesque ocean view with her companion on a beach mat. The renowned star of Saturday Night Live recently admitted to feeling ashamed of her past smoking addiction. She was seen testing out a new aquatic activity, donning blue swim trunks, a protective helmet, and a life jacket.

Fun in the sun! Scarlett beamed with happiness as she captured the fun on her phone as a friend went fishing

With the warm sun on her face, Scarlett was having a great time and couldn’t help but grin while capturing some snapshots of the unforgettable fishing adventure she shared with a buddy.

Hydrate: She enjoyed a canned drink as she relaxed in the sun

Basking under the warm rays of the sun, the woman savored a chilled canned drink while admiring the breathtaking views. Immersed in that tranquil moment, she felt completely at ease and contented, relishing the rejuvenating sensation of the sun’s warmth and the invigorating flavor of her beverage.

Leggy lady! Scarlett put on a leggy display as she climbed upstairs

Check out these breathtaking photos of Scarlett showing off her lengthy limbs while climbing up a set of stairs.

Kicking back! The actress took a seat on the staircase

The performer was spotted relaxing nonchalantly on the stairs, radiating a sense of peace. Take a look at the collection of images to see more candid shots.

Let's do this! Scarlett explored the high seas on a jet ski

Get ready for an exciting story! Scarlett had an adventure on a jet ski in the open sea. This talented actress recently started her skincare brand called The Outsett. Colin tried balancing on a surfboard as it came out of the water, but he wiped out soon after. Scarlett and Colin got married two years ago and had a son named Cosmo Jost. Scarlett also has a seven-year-old daughter named Rose Dorothy with her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac. In August, her spokesperson confirmed to People that she gave birth to her son with Colin.

Making waves! Jost ditched the shirt as he stood at the edge of the boat

Creating Ripples! Jost opted to remove his shirt and took a leap off the boat, producing a sizable splash.

H2-Whoa! Colin tried his hand out at some hydrofoil surfing

Wow, Colin has ventured into the exciting world of hydrofoil surfing! Don’t forget to check out the gallery for some awe-inspiring snapshots.

Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

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Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

Celebrity couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have joyfully welcomed their new bundle of joy, a baby boy named Cosmo. The happy news was shared by Jost through his Instagram account, with a playful instruction to direct any inquiries to their publicist. As for Scarlett, she is currently enjoying a well-deserved summer break before returning to the set of her upcoming film, The Sea Change. This project marks the directorial debut of Kristen Scott Thomas, an Academy Award-nominated actress, and is based on Elizabeth Jane Howard’s 1959 novel. The movie tells the story of a problematic marriage that takes a surprising turn when the couple travels to a remote Greek island. The screenplay was written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, while Thorsten Schumacher serves as the film’s producer. Although there is no official announcement yet about Scarlett’s role in the movie, fans are excitedly anticipating seeing her in action.

Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

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Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

How about giving it a try? During the weekend, the entertainer opted for a vibrant blue set of shorts, a safety vest, and a protective helmet to tackle the thrilling challenge.

Now it's his turn! Jost also jumped onto the jet ski

Now, he finally had the chance to give it a try! José eagerly hopped onto the jet ski as well.

Come on in, the water's fine! Colin dove perfectly into the water

“Hey, why don’t you join me for a swim? The water is so inviting and perfect for a refreshing dip! Colin took a dive into the pool with great poise and grace.”

Family matters: Scarlett and her husband Colin have been married for two years and share one-year-old son Cosmo Jost together. Scarlett also shares daughter Rose Dorothy with French journalist ex-husband Romain Dauriac

How about we have a chat about family? Meet Scarlett and Colin – a blissfully wedded couple with an endearing one-year-old son named Cosmo Jost. However, that’s not the only member of their family. Scarlett also has a daughter named Rose Dorothy from her previous marriage with French journalist, Romain Dauriac.

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