“Scarlett Johansson Flaunts Her Authentic Style as David Yurman’s Inaugural Celebrity Representative for Iconic Jewelry Line”

Scarlett Johansson has scored a new gig as a model for a high-end jewelry brand, David Yurman. Interestingly, she is the first female celebrity ambassador for the brand that is known for its twisted silver designs that took off in the 80s. The talented actress revealed that she has always felt a strong connection to the brand since her childhood days in New York City. For her, the Yurmans and their unique designs embody the daring, modern, and slightly unconventional spirit of the city.

Scarlett Johansson, the gorgeous actress who played a lead in “The Marriage Story,” has embraced a fresh role as a jewelry model. In 2020, she became the first-ever female celebrity ambassador for David Yurman, a luxurious jewelry label that originated back in the 80s.

New York state of mind: 'Growing up in New York, I've always felt connected to David Yurman,' the Match Point star told People on Tuesday. 'The Yurmans and their designs always embodied New York for me – bold, fresh and just a bit of edge

People magazine reported that Scarlett Johansson shared her personal connection with David Yurman, attributing it to her upbringing in New York City. She perceives the brand and its creators as embodying the city’s raw, daring, and progressive spirit. When Evan Yurman approached her about collaborating on a campaign, it felt like an organic decision given her admiration for the jewelry line. Additionally, filming the promotional video in her hometown was a pleasurable experience for her as a seasoned New Yorker who can hail a cab from any direction.

She is linked to the brand: The Black Widow star added, 'When Evan [Yurman] approached me with this opportunity and shared his vision for the campaign, I already felt so linked to the brand that it was a natural fit'

The lead actress of Black Widow shared her affinity for the brand, stating that when Evan Yurman approached her with the campaign’s idea and his vision, she felt an immediate connection with it. The collaboration just seemed like the perfect match.

A go go go city: And she enjoyed shooting the commercial in NYC. 'New York is unstoppable. Being a New Yorker means knowing how to hail a taxi from the opposite side of the street,' Johansson told the site

Scarlett Johansson expressed her delight in filming a commercial in the lively city of New York. She believed it was the perfect location for the shoot, and had an enjoyable time while she was there. During an interview with a website, Johansson revealed that knowing how to hail a taxi from across the street is an essential skill for anyone who wants to be considered a true New Yorker. Henry Golding, famous for his role in Crazy Rich Asians, also starred in the ad alongside her. The commercial showcased Johansson’s character as a movie star, featuring shots of her leaving a hotel donning a breathtaking gold necklace and black top. It also showed her relaxing in her hotel room adorned with various David Yurman accessories, such as bold necklaces and bangle bracelets.

Closer look: In the new commercial for David Yurman, she is seen in a hotel room

Upon closer inspection of David Yurman’s most recent advertising campaign, it becomes evident that the well-known model is featured in an opulent hotel room.

The skyline says it all: And she wears white as she stands in the modern room

The urban view is truly mesmerizing, as sky-high structures dominate the scene. Amidst the modern and stylish surroundings, a lady stands tall, donning impeccable white attire.

The celebrity from Hollywood effortlessly combined a laid-back and stylish appearance by matching a lilac hat with a pristine white shirt.

She shines: And the star had on silver earrings with a matching necklace and four bracelets

Oh my goodness, she was absolutely stunning! The renowned actress had on these gorgeous silver earrings, along with a matching necklace and four bracelets that were simply dazzling in the light. Later, she was seen dancing with a man at the hotel bar and outshined everyone else with her stunning diamond engagement ring. Even when going for a more casual look, the cover girl still managed to pull off looking utterly stunning. She donned a lovely lavender cap and a crisp white shirt while dining outside with her friends. And now, we are overjoyed to present our latest campaign, “Come Closer,” featuring the talented and beautiful Scarlett Johansson, a true New Yorker through and through.

Fame game: Scarlett is seen as a movie star, being photographed in her black top and bold gold necklace as she leaves a New York City hotel

The glamorous life of a celebrity is always in the spotlight, and Scarlett Johansson is no exception. As she exits a hotel in New York City, she is captured by paparazzi as a Hollywood icon. The advertisement for her collaboration with David Yurman showcases the beauty of the Big Apple, emphasizing the joy of intimacy and unity amidst the city’s natural allure. People magazine reported that both Scarlett and Henry, who also worked on the project, were pleased to film in Manhattan and collaborate with Yurman.

Dance the night away: The Horse Whisperer actress is also seen dancing with a man

Time to groove: The woman who played the main character in The Horse Whisperer was seen elegantly dancing alongside a man on the dance floor.

Hotel bar: And the red carpet favorite was also seen alone at the hotel bar

The popular celebrity, who made a solo appearance on the red carpet, was seen hanging out at the hotel bar. He revealed that adorning himself with jewelry like rings and bracelets gives him a unique identity and reflects his mood for the day. He also shared how invigorating it is to dress up for a night out and wear something that makes him feel like a million bucks. The photo shoot was conducted by Lachlan Bailey and supervised by Evan Yurman, the offspring of DY founders David and Sybil Yurman. In reality, Scarlett is happily wedded to SNL comedian Colin Jost and has two children – a son with Jost and a daughter from a past marriage.

Happy at last: In real life, Scarlett is wed to SNL star Colin Jost and together they have a child. She also has a daughter from a previous marriage. Seen in 2020

In 2020, Scarlett found happiness in her life after marrying Colin Jost, a popular SNL actor. They also had a child together and Scarlett has a daughter from a previous marriage. She is now feeling fulfilled and content with the family she has built.

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