Seaside Romance: Scarlett Johansson Shows off Her Stunning Figure in a PDA-Filled Beach Date with Nate Naylor

Scarlett Johansson seems to have no qualms about displaying her affection for new boyfriend Nate Taylor, now that the secret is out. The couple, who had reportedly kept their love quiet for the past six months, were caught cuddling on a Hawaiian beach today. To be fair to her advertising executive beau, it would be difficult for any man to resist Scarlett in a bikini.

Bikini babe: Scarlett Johansson shows off her curves in Hawaii today

Scarlett Johansson flaunted her curves while wearing a bikini in Hawaii today. In another news, an article talks about how a teenage Lauren Bacall fell for Humphrey Bogart and has gained 3k views. Furthermore, Nate couldn’t resist leaning in to give his lady love a passionate kiss on the beach while on holiday with friends, though the Avengers star only had eyes for her new boyfriend.

Creating some steam heat in Hawaii: Scarlett and boyfriend Nate Naylor indulge in a little PDA session

Creating a bit of romance in Hawaii: Scarlett and her boyfriend Nate Naylor enjoy a public display of affection session.

Sweet move: The 27-year-old actress' man gives her a head rub while she takes a little beach nap

The 27-year-old actress received a sweet head rub from her man while taking a relaxing nap on the beach. Although she did take some alone time by dipping in the Pacific Ocean. Recently, the stunning starlet has appeared happier in public than she has in a long time. It would make sense that she has finally decided to date someone who isn’t in the spotlight since she seems completely comfortable in her new boyfriend’s company.

Showing her stuff: The actress showed off her fabulous curves in a little electric blue bikini

Displaying her assets: The actress flaunted her gorgeous figure in a stunning electric blue bikini.

Fierce face: It looks like Scarlett's dip in the ocean might have been a wee bit cold

Scarlett’s dip in the ocean may have been a bit cold, as seen in her fierce face. While he is a successful advertising executive in New York City, he doesn’t crave the limelight like her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds or ex-boyfriend Sean Penn. According to sources, the new couple is keeping their relationship very low-key, which is something she appreciates about him. Reports suggest that the couple has a genuine connection.

A rear view: Men love Scarlett from top to bottom

Looking from behind: Guys really adore Scarlett from head to toe.

Why the pout? The stunning star doesn't look entirely overjoyed though she's with her new man in Hawaii

Why is Scarlett Johansson not entirely overjoyed despite being with her new man in Hawaii?

Nat is Scarlett Johansson’s first man since splitting from 51-year-old Penn in June after five months together. The divorce between Scarlett and The Proposal star Reynolds, 35, was finalized that same month. The couple had married in September 2008 but announced their separation in December 2010.

Nat is now dating Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, with whom he co-starred in the 2011 superhero film The Green Lantern.

Hawaiian holiday: The star is in Hawaii with her boyfriend and a few friends

My vacation in Hawaii: I’m currently in Hawaii with my boyfriend and a few of our friends.

The ScarJo smile: The actress seemed to be in better spirits moments later

After a few moments, the actress appeared to be in better spirits with a ScarJo smile.

Water nymph: This is how the Avengers starlet cooled off from her steamy PDA session

Water nymph: Here’s how the Avengers kicked off their steamy PDA session in a cool way.

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