Smart Husky Foils Attempts to Administer Medication

Administering medication to kids can be quite a task, and the same goes for pets, as we learned from Jasmine Milton’s experience with her Husky, Anuko. Although Anuko is an intelligent dog, he is wary of his mom when she tries to give him medicine wrapped in meat. He successfully managed to eat the treat while spitting out the pink pill, leaving Jasmine in fits of laughter. As pet owners, we can all relate to this situation. After several unsuccessful attempts, Jasmine eventually succeeded in administering the medication. Anuko fell ill from bacterial colitis but is now on the mend and doing much better.

Anuko gained online notoriety due to his incredulous stare when his owner attempted to deceive him during a game of retrieve. Check out some amusing snapshots of the four-legged internet sensation.

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