Steph Curry’s Impressive Half-Court Shots as a Youngster in Toronto’s ACC Captured on Video


The father of Golden State Warriors’ superstar, Steph Curry, was also a professional basketball player who played his final three seasons in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors. While in Toronto, Steph and his younger brother Seth would sometimes practice and participate in shooting games with the Raptors team. There have always been stories about the Curry brothers as kids going up against NBA legends like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady at practice, but some people have remained skeptical about whether these two were actually draining half-court threes at the ACC as kids. However, evidence has shown that it’s true – Curry was indeed draining half-court threes at the ACC as a youngster. Carter has touched on it before, so we believed it to be true, but it’s still cool to see footage of the two playing in the gym. Check out more highlights of the two playing here.

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