Stephen Curry Breaks Ray Allen’s Three-Point Record: A Golden State Warrior’s Triumph

Stephen Curry, a 33-year-old basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, set a new three-point shot record on Tuesday night during a game against the NY Knicks. He broke Ray Allen’s previous record of 2,973 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Allen, who is now 46, broke Reggie Miller’s record of 2,560 in 2011. Curry’s father, Dell, a former Hornets guard, was present for the moment when the Warriors beat the Knicks 105-96 and will play again on Friday in Boston. “To do it here, in Madison Square Garden, in front of this guy (points at Allen) and Reggie Miller, it’s special,” said Curry after the victory. “I’ve had crazy faith since I started playing basketball, to think this moment was possible.”

Stephen Curry, 33, broke Ray Allen's record by shooting his 2,974th three-pointer with seven and half minutes in the first quarter on Tuesday night in a game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden (pictured)

Stephen Curry, aged 33, surpassed Ray Allen’s record by making his 2,974th three-pointer in a game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. He achieved this feat in just seven and a half minutes into the first quarter.

Curry beamed at the camera as he sat next to his congratulatory jersey with his record-breaking shot number 2,974, as well as Ray Allen and Reggie Miller's jerseys. Allen broke Miller's 2,560 record in 2011

Curry smiled at the camera as he sat beside his congratulatory jersey, having just broken the record with shot number 2,974. Ray Allen and Reggie Miller’s jerseys were also on display. In 2011, Allen had broken Miller’s previous record of 2,560.

Knicks and Warriors fans congratulated Curry as he exited the Madison Square Garden floor

During Monday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Curry came close to breaking the record for his 2,973rd shot in the final seconds, but missed it. However, he didn’t disappoint at MSG, surrounded not only by the record holder himself, Allen, but also Reggie Miller, whose record Allen broke in 2011. Miller retired in 2005 with 2,560 three-pointers and held the record for 13 seasons. Allen, who retired in 2016, had no hard feelings when Curry beat their record and they stood shoulder-to-shoulder holding their jerseys afterward. The trio mingled before the game and showed good sportsmanship.

Curry (right) with the two record holders Allen (left) and Miller (middle)

Stephen Curry has set a new record for 3-point shots and received congratulations from fellow basketball players and coaches. Ray Allen and Miller, the previous record holders, both posted congratulatory messages on social media. Curry’s father and former Charlotte Hornets sharpshooter, Dell Curry, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr were also present to celebrate Curry’s achievement. The three even shared a group hug after the record fell. Kerr, whose career 3-point percentage of 45.4 still ranks first in NBA history, and Dell Curry both gave Curry a hug to congratulate him on his accomplishment. Seth Curry, Stephen Curry’s brother and a guard for the 76ers, also congratulated him on his achievement.

Stephen Curry (left) shares a hug with his father, former Hornets sharpshooter Dell Curry

Stephen Curry has received an outpouring of love on social media after breaking the NBA record for most three-pointers in a career. LeBron James, one of his biggest competitors, congratulated Curry on his accomplishment. Trae Young, Ja Morant, and Kevin Durant also expressed their congratulations. Even non-basketball stars like football superstar Tom Brady and Curry’s brother Seth praised him for his achievement. Curry’s record-breaking feat has truly made him a legend in the sport.

Many athletes, including rival LeBron James, 36, congratulated him on his amazing feat

Several athletes, including rival LeBron James, congratulated Curry on his amazing feat. Curry sat down with Miller for an interview – posted on Twitter on Tuesday – prior to breaking the record. When asked ‘what’s next,’ Curry replied: ‘More championships, more threes, more everything. You want to see how far you can push it. How many threes can you get in, who knows what the number can be when it’s all said and done. And I’ll have to let that speak for itself.’ Despite listing four players – James Harden, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, and Buddy Hield – who he thought may come for his newfound crown, Miller was adamant that ‘no one’ was going to achieve Curry’s record. ‘No one is born yet. No one, I think, is born yet,’ Miller replied. Curry replied with a smirk: ‘I like my chances of keeping it forever.’

Damion Lee #1 of the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors pose for a photo before a game against the New York Knicks on Tuesday

A photo of Damon Lee, the number one player of the Golden State Warriors, and Stephen Curry, who wears number 30, was taken before a game against the New York Knicks on Tuesday. Although he broke the record, Curry expressed disappointment that he wasn’t able to achieve it during a home game. However, he emphasized that it will happen when it happens and he will enjoy the moment when it does. During a game against the Portland Trailblazers on December 8, Curry felt extra pressure to break the record that night, but he still enjoyed playing the game and trying to win. He acknowledged that he would like to shoot and play better, but he is aware that the record will come as part of the process and he is focused on enjoying the journey.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, left, talks to guard Stephen Curry (30) during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks. Kerr still boasts the highest three-point shooting accuracy in NBA history at 45.4 percent)

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