Stray Dog Honey’s Tale of Triumph: Overcoming Loss, Rejection, and Finding a Forever Home

Rainbow Rehoming is urgently seeking a cozy couch for a special furry friend. This sweet pooch, named Honey, has had quite the tumultuous journey. Despite being lost, found, returned, and adopted twice, she now finds herself back in rescue. The team at Rainbow Rehoming is hoping to find her a forever home where she can spend her golden years feeling safe and loved. As an English Bull Terrier, Honey has been dubbed the unluckiest dog in rescue due to her challenging journey. Despite this, she remains resilient and hopeful, waiting patiently for a loving family to call her own. If you’re looking for a furry companion to cuddle up with on the couch, Honey would be the perfect addition to your home.

Honey loves a stroll

Honey, a lovely dog who has been through a lot, has found her way back to rescue and is now awaiting the perfect family to give her the love she deserves for a lifetime. We are grateful that Honey found us because when she first came to us, she was in poor health as you can see from her photos. Following her arrival, we provided her with the necessary care, including a dental treatment and an operation to remove a non-cancerous lump. She has been enjoying her meals and exercise, and at the age of 10, she requires nothing more than a comfortable couch and plenty of affection. Honey is an absolute sweetheart. Her kind and gentle nature makes it easy to fall in love with her. She enjoys spending time with our group of dogs, and receiving attention brings her immense joy.

Honey loves a road trip

This furry friend is a social butterfly who craves attention, but surprisingly, she’s quite an easygoing companion who just wants a cozy spot to lounge around. When it comes to playtime, Honey has a habit of “borrowing” dog toys and teddies, but she doesn’t hold onto them for very long. Her favorite activity is playing fetch with her ball.

Squirrel watch

Lately, Honey has become quite selective with the canine friends she chooses to hang out with. Nonetheless, she absolutely loves spending time with Bob the Collie while at the Centre. Her ultimate joy though is being around humans. Honey requires a home with an owner who has ample experience in taking care of dogs and won’t leave her alone too frequently.

Honey loves good company

Our hope is that the kind and compassionate readers of DogsLive and Belfast Live will recognize the incredible potential in this amazing girl, Honey. We are searching for the perfect family to offer her a forever home where she can spend her remaining years in complete comfort, safety, and love, feeling wanted and cherished every day. If you’re interested in welcoming Honey into your life, please send an email requesting a dog application form to [email protected]. Be sure to mention Honey in your message and give our charity two days to respond.

And then there's the beach

The beach is undoubtedly another highlight.

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