“Summer Lovin’: A Sneak Peek into Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s Beach Adventures in the Hamptons”

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost took a break from their busy schedules to enjoy a day out in the Hamptons. The couple, along with some friends, spent a lovely day out on a boat, soaking up the sun and taking in the beautiful scenery. Scarlett looked stunning in a gorgeous wine-red bikini that highlighted her curves perfectly. She paired the look with a white baseball cap that protected her face from the sun. Colin looked equally relaxed and happy in a simple white t-shirt and shorts. It was evident that the couple was enjoying each other’s company while having some much-needed downtime.

Red-y or not! Scarlett Johansson wowed in a wine red bikini while relaxing on board a boat with her husband and several friends off the coast of the Hamptons on Friday

While enjoying the sunny weather on a boat in the Hamptons, Scarlett Johansson was spotted looking absolutely beautiful in a gorgeous wine red bikini. The actress was seen unwinding with a group of friends, engaging in various summer activities such as sunbathing and fishing. With a trendy pair of sunglasses hiding her eyes and a gold pendant necklace adding to her stylish ensemble, Scarlett looked effortlessly glamorous and relaxed. Capturing their happy moments on her phone, the actress beamed with joy during their fun-filled day out.

Boat loads of fun! The actress basked in the sunshine in a wine red bikini

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Toweling off: She wrapped a navy blue towel around her waist as she hung out on the deck

The boat ride was a blast! The female celebrity soaked up the warm rays of the sun in a stunning burgundy two-piece swimsuit.

Keeping connected: Despite enjoying some fun in the sun, she was still connected to her phone

Staying Connected: While enjoying the warm sun, she kept herself in touch with her phone.

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

How about checking out this collection of pictures together?

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

The charming woman was well-prepared for the sunny weather, sporting a stylish cap and trendy shades to protect her eyes. The area surrounding her was teeming with liveliness.

Rest and relax! Johansson admired the ocean views as her friend topped up her tan beside her

Why not pause and relax for a bit? Scarlett Johansson is taking in the beautiful ocean scenery with her friend beside her on the sand. The popular Saturday Night Live celebrity recently expressed some regret for her previous smoking habits. On this occasion, she sported blue swim trunks, a life jacket, and a helmet while experimenting with a new water activity.

Fun in the sun! Scarlett beamed with happiness as she captured the fun on her phone as a friend went fishing

Scarlett was beaming with joy as she captured the exciting moment of fishing with her friend under the warm sun. The experience was truly enjoyable and memorable for her.

Hydrate: She enjoyed a canned drink as she relaxed in the sun

The lady was enjoying a cold canned drink while relaxing under the bright sun.

Leggy lady! Scarlett put on a leggy display as she climbed upstairs

Take a look at these pictures featuring Scarlett flaunting her long legs as she ascends a flight of stairs.

Kicking back! The actress took a seat on the staircase

The actress looked at ease while chilling on the stairs. For additional pictures, take a look at the gallery.

Let's do this! Scarlett explored the high seas on a jet ski

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Well, Scarlett Johansson certainly is! She recently hit the high seas on a jet ski and had a blast. The talented actress has also been busy with her new skincare brand, called The Outsett. Meanwhile, Scarlett’s husband, Colin Jost, tried his hand at surfing but had a bit of a wipeout – better luck next time, Colin! The couple has been married for two years and is parents to their son Cosmo Jost, while Scarlett also has a daughter named Rose Dorothy from her previous marriage to French journalist Romain Dauriac. In August 2021, it was confirmed that the happy couple had welcomed their newborn son together. Exciting times for the Johansson-Jost family!

Making waves! Jost ditched the shirt as he stood at the edge of the boat

Jost made quite a stir as he stood at the boat’s edge, ditching his shirt and diving in to create some waves.

H2-Whoa! Colin tried his hand out at some hydrofoil surfing

Impressive! Colin attempted hydrofoil surfing. Take a peek at the gallery to see some snaps.

Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

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Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

The birth of a baby boy named Cosmo was recently announced by actress Scarlett Johansson and comedian Colin Jost. Jost shared the news on Instagram with a humorous comment, redirecting further inquiries to their publicist. Meanwhile, Scarlett is enjoying her summer break as she prepares to return to filming for her upcoming project, The Sea Change. The movie is based on Elizabeth Jane Howard’s novel from 1959 and is directed by Kristen Scott Thomas, known for her Oscar-nominated performances. The plot follows a couple whose rocky marriage takes an unexpected turn during their trip to a remote Greek island. Although Rebecca Lenkiewicz wrote the screenplay and Thorsten Schumacher is producing, details about Scarlett’s role in the movie are still under wraps.

Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

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Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

Why not give it a shot? Over the weekend, the performer took on a new challenge, donning bright blue swim trunks, a safety flotation device, and a protective headgear as he tried out the daring activity.

Now it's his turn! Jost also jumped onto the jet ski

It’s time for Josť to have a go! Excitedly, he climbed onto the jet ski.

Come on in, the water's fine! Colin dove perfectly into the water

“Hey, why don’t you come for a swim? The water is absolutely delightful! Colin executed a perfect dive into the pool.”

Family matters: Scarlett and her husband Colin have been married for two years and share one-year-old son Cosmo Jost together. Scarlett also shares daughter Rose Dorothy with French journalist ex-husband Romain Dauriac

Scarlett and her partner Colin have tied the knot for two years now, and they have a cute little boy named Cosmo Jost who just turned one. However, Scarlett also has another beautiful daughter named Rose Dorothy from her previous marriage with French journalist Romain Dauriac.

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