Tears Flow as Kind Woman Rescues Dog Crying for Help in Trash Can on Roadside

The sound of a dog’s distressing howls could be heard emanating from a garbage can on the side of the road. Two compassionate women decided to search through the rubbish to locate the poor dog. It was evident that the canine had been left behind by its previous owner. After sifting through the grimy trash, they discovered the dog inside a garbage bag. The manner in which the owner had deserted the dog in a tightly sealed bag without any concern for its well-being was heartbreaking. It appeared that the dog was also unwell and in need of immediate medical attention.

The dog was in a critical state and barely holding on to life. Two compassionate women brought the dog to a veterinary hospital where it was given the name Eleven. Despite its condition, the dog displayed a strong determination to survive and cooperated with the doctor’s assessment. The doctor declared that Eleven needed urgent hospitalization due to its poor health. The two women arranged for Eleven to stay in the hospital and receive the necessary care.

The animal seemed to recognize that it was being helped and complied with the treatment accordingly. On the following day, a group of women came to check on it. Unfortunately, the creature’s health had worsened and it had vomited beside it. But upon seeing the visitors, it made an effort to stand up despite its obvious weakness, showing a desire to receive their attention.

As evening approached, the women returned to the scene and were immediately devastated when they discovered the presence of blood stains and vomit in the animal’s enclosure. Upon examination, the doctor discovered that Eleven had a large number of parasites in its feces, which was causing severe damage to its digestive and respiratory systems. The situation escalated further on the third day, as Eleven began to develop a runny nose. In light of these developments, it was deemed necessary to transfer Eleven to a different hospital for more intensive treatment.

Following the relocation, there was a slight improvement in Eleven’s state. The doctor conducted a test for canine distemper, which came back negative. A temperature reading revealed that Eleven was running a fever at 39.4 degrees Celsius. Due to weakness, Eleven dozed off while receiving an IV. However, in the evening, Eleven had another episode of bloody stool, indicating severe and hazardous intestinal damage.

By the fourth day, Eleven’s condition had slightly improved as it no longer had bloody stools. Nevertheless, it continued to have sticky mucus coming from its nose. Its mental state remained very poor, with Eleven spending most of the time motionless. Occasionally, Eleven would secretly gaze at the women and quickly look away when noticed.

Regrettably, Eleven experienced another instance of bloody stool later that evening, indicating the presence of numerous parasites. Despite this, Eleven’s behavior resembled that of a guilty child. By the fifth day, Eleven’s mental condition deteriorated, and its lungs became severely infected, leading to symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

One morning, the pet threw up thrice and its excrement seemed like nasal discharge. Though there wasn’t any blood in its stool, Eleven’s health condition did not improve or worsen on the sixth day. The vet wished to test Eleven’s blood, but it was too weak for the procedure due to anemia. Later that evening, Eleven’s condition suddenly deteriorated, leaving it unable to walk.

Eleven’s health was still in a dire state as indicated by its loose stools. The doctor warned how dangerous the situation was that night. As time passed, Eleven’s body grew weaker each day, refusing to eat or drink anything. The doctor had to intervene and force feed Eleven to keep it alive. However, even after eight days, there was no sign of improvement in its condition.

The medical professional had to give out not one, but two alarming updates about Eleven’s health. Despite this, Eleven managed to pull through. However, as time went on, Eleven’s condition worsened and even breathing became a struggle. After nine days, Eleven required a blood transfusion due to its deteriorated state. Unfortunately, at around 5 PM that day, Eleven let out its final cries.

As its breath grew weaker, Eleven eventually passed away at 5:06. Although death is often associated with sadness, it can also bring relief. With such a great personality, Eleven will surely make many wonderful friends in heaven. No more medicine or injections, no more suffering. It’s regrettable that I couldn’t save you. Farewell, Eleven! Don’t forget to spread this story to your loved ones by liking and sharing it.

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