“Thank You for Saving Me”: Selena Gomez Gets Emotional as She Honors Francia Raisa, Her Kidney Donor, at Billboard’s Women In Music Event

She literally saved her life, and Selena Gomez became emotional as she expressed gratitude towards her kidney donor and best friend Francia Raisa at the Billboard Women of the Year awards held in Los Angeles on Thursday. Selena, who was named Woman of the Year, received the honor from Raisa and Elle Fanning. Watch the video below for more details.

Emotional: Selena Gomez broke down in tears as she thanked her kidney donor best friend Francia Raisa at the Billboard Women Of The Year awards in Los Angeles Thursday

Selena Gomez became emotional and shed tears as she expressed gratitude to her kidney donor and best friend Francia Raisa at the Billboard Women of the Year awards in Los Angeles. Speaking through tears, the 25-year-old said that Raisa should be getting the award instead. She credited Raisa with saving her life and said that she couldn’t be more grateful for the position she has been given in her career from age 7 to now.

The sun bear at the Chinese zoo is not disguised as a human. “I want people to know that I deeply respect the platform I am on because I wanted to be a part of something great, I wanted people to feel great.”

Forever grateful: Selena hugged her friend after receiving the award 

Selena Gomez embraced her friend after receiving an award and expressed her gratitude. During the 2017 Billboard event, Selena honored her donor, Francia Raisa, with a hug. The video shows the heartfelt moment as Selena thanked her friend for the kidney donation that saved her life. The content is available in a gallery format and can be viewed in full-screen mode. Selena’s emotional reaction to receiving the award showcases her appreciation and genuine love for her friend.

BFF: Selena, who was named Woman Of The Year, was presented with her honor by Raisa and Elle Fanning

Photo Gallery Selena, who was awarded the title of Woman of the Year, received her honor from Raisa and Elle Fanning.

Looking on: Elle and Francia looked on as Selena vowed to respect her platform

Observing: Elle and Francia watched as Selena promised to honor her platform.

'I think Francia should be getting this award,' the 25-year-old said through tears. 'She saved my life… I feel incredibly lucky.'

“I believe that Francia deserves this award,” said the 25-year-old, tears in her eyes. “She saved my life… I feel incredibly lucky.” Selena also shared that she recently went through some tough times, but through her music, she has been able to express herself and illustrate the things she wants. “And I’m reminded by a team of people who believe in me even when I don’t myself, and I couldn’t be luckier,” she added.

Come on up here! Ciara also honored the singer onstage

“Hey, everyone! Join me up here! Ciara also gave recognition to the singer performing on stage.”

Proud: Selena promised to make a great album the following year

Gallery View: Exciting news! Selena has made a promise to release an amazing album in the upcoming year.

Touching: The group of ladies all seemed deeply emotional 

A group of women seemed to be deeply emotional as they touched. Francia was honored for being the executive producer at The 13 Reasons Why ceremony, and she later expressed how proud she was of her best friend. In an interview with Billboard Online, Selena said she was really honored to do this for her tonight. She was just glad she was able to do it and she’s seen her career continue to soar, it’s amazing. Selena’s title has previously been picked up by Taylor Swift, as well as fellow musicians including Beyonce, Pink, and Fergie.

Take a look at the gallery.

So emotional! Selena looked to be feeling a mixture of emotions during the evening

The gallery was quite an emotional experience! It seemed like Selena was going through a range of emotions throughout the evening.

Thick and thin: She went on to note how she recently went through some really 'hard times'

Photo Gallery Thick and Thin: She mentioned her recent experiences going through some difficult times.

Unbreakable bond: The trio later posed backstage

The trio pictured later posed backstage, showcasing their unbreakable bond. Take a look at the gallery.

Honored: Selena smiled with genuine feeling as she was called up to the stage

Selena felt genuinely happy as she was called up to the stage, and her smile reflected her true emotions.

Besties: Selena posed up with  Raisa on the red carpet earlier that night

Selena and Raisa were photographed together on the red carpet earlier that night, posing as besties.

All good? The best friends appeared to check one another over before their photo op

Are you doing well? The closest friends checked up on each other before their photo shoot. While the Bad Liar singer doesn’t know how to repay anyone after picking up the phone, she vowed to create an “epic album” next year. Earlier that evening, the pair looked serious yet full of enthusiasm as they posed for a storm on the pre-event red carpet.

Best friends: Selena and Francia stuck together on the carpet

Gallery View: Selena and Francia remain inseparable on the red carpet, proving that they are best friends.

Hell bent for leather: Selena stunned in a pair of high-waisted leather trousers at the Billboard Women in Music Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday

Hello there, The woman in the photo stunned onlookers with her high-waisted leather trousers. Her name is Francia Raisa and she displayed a true example of friendship at the One to Watch party. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Previous Play Skip Mute Current Time: 0:00 / Duration Time: 1:45 Fullscreen Text needed.

Simply the bust: And she completed her adventurous look with a racy bustier

Gallery View: She finished off her bold outfit with a daring bustier, and that was the centerpiece.

Star of the show: There was an explosion of flashbulbs when she posed on the red carpet

Gallery View: The star of the event caused a burst of camera flashes as she posed on the red carpet.

Bonding experience: Selena revealed news of her transplant on September 14 by sharing a photograph of her and Francia in their hospital gowns

Selena shared news of her transplant on September 14th with a photo of her and Francia in hospital gowns holding hands. The 25-year-old singer surprised many with this revelation, while looking stunning in a pair of high-waisted leather trousers that she twinned with a revealing black bustier. Her pal, Francia, meanwhile, opted to dazzle in a more ostentatious sparkling blue gown.

Long train: Ciara flashed her toned puns in an elaborate top with a long train

Carla showed off her toned legs in an extravagant top with a lengthy train.

Short skirt: The 32-year-old's outfit also included a little black skirt

Could you please provide more context or information about the given content? It is difficult to paraphrase without knowing what the content is about.

Short skirt: The 32-year-old's outfit also included a little black skirt

Gallery View: The 32-year-old’s attire also consisted of a small black skirt.

Award winners: Kelly Clarkson and Camila Cabello teamed up on the carpet

Kelly Clarkson and Camila Cabello teamed up on the red carpet as award winners. The star of The Wizards Of Waverly Place believes she would have died had it not been for Raisa, who volunteered to give one of her kidneys when Selena’s went into failure in May. Selena, who has had a well-documented battle with Lupus, previously said: “It was really kind of life or death.” “My kidneys were just done. That was it and I didn’t want to ask a single person in my life. That was the day I came home and she volunteered, she did it.” Following her meeting with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez left Zoe Church.

Kill Em With Kindness: The singer seemed to be enjoying her posing session

Spreading Good Vibes: The vocalist appeared to be relishing her photoshoot session, advocating for kindness over aggression.

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