The Heartbreaking Story of a Bait Dog’s Fight for Survival: Coping with Infection while Shackled to a Fence.

The St. Louis-based animal rescue organization, Slapdash Deliverance, was alerted to a distressed dog that was found tied up to a hedge. Upon arriving at the location, the rescuers were shocked by the dog’s poor condition, which suggested that it could have been used for dogfighting purposes.

At present, he resides in a caring household where he has plenty of dog siblings to play with. The days of his involvement in dog fights are a thing of the past, and though he bears some physical scars, his past does not dictate who he is now.

Nowadays, he spends most of his time snuggled on the couch with his newfound family or frolicking around with the other youngsters in his expansive community.

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