The Heartbreaking Tale of a Abandoned Dog with a Swollen Belly in Our Shelter

On a chilly morning in January 15 2023, a small puppy was found abandoned outside our Animal Shelter, left helpless and alone. The pup’s tummy was incredibly swollen, resembling that of a toad, prompting us to take immediate action to provide assistance.

The veterinarian quickly examined the adorable puppy and determined that he had ascites, a condition where fluid accumulates in the stomach causing it to enlarge.

There are several factors that can lead to Ascitus, and in order to determine the root cause of the puppy’s condition, we decided to conduct blood tests.

We were aware of the potential complications that could arise due to the fluid buildup in his abdomen. We gathered together and expressed our worries about the possibility of him not making it through.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the team providing 24/7 care, the puppy gradually started showing signs of progress. With time, the size of the pup’s belly began to decrease, and the team successfully drained out almost all the fluid accumulated in its abdomen.

We were filled with pure excitement as we witnessed him becoming more lively and playful, displaying a curiosity for the world that surrounded him.

Even though the little pooch faced numerous challenges, he never lost his charming and delightful personality. He relished cuddling with our crew and was constantly excited to engage in playtime with his toys.

As time passed, the adorable pups gradually showed signs of improvement. We collaborated closely with Pierre to observe the changes and extend the necessary attention that would guarantee a complete recovery.

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