“The Heartwarming Story of a Neglected Cat with Dreadlocks Shedding Pounds and Revealing a Stunning New Look”

It’s not just humans who experience bad hair days – pets do too. Hidey the cat knows this all too well, as she had been suffering from severely matted fur for years. Her matted hair looked like dreadlocks and was so tangled that it made it difficult for her to move around. Thankfully, this furry feline was rescued in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and given the care she needed to feel comfortable and happy once again. The matted hairs were up to 8 inches long, and had a combination of feces and tangled hair, but now Hidey can finally put her bad hair day behind her.

Upon discovering Hidey hiding in the basement, she was promptly taken to the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter, which is under the Western PA Humane Society umbrella. The process of removing all of her dreads and shaving off her matted hair was a lengthy one and took several hours to complete.

At present, Hidey is settling into her new home and environment. Freed from her tangled hair and knots, she is feeling much better and more comfortable. Her new caretaker is a distant relative of her previous owner, and under their care, Hidey will finally have the chance to lead a happy and healthy life.

It’s common for anyone to experience a bad hair day, but for Hidey, a cat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it lasted for years as she was neglected and had severely matted fur resembling dreadlocks. Thankfully, she has been rescued now.

Hidey’s hair was a mess, measuring up to 6 to 8 inches long, and had a mix of poop and snarled hair. Upon discovering Hidey’s whereabouts in the basement, she was promptly brought to the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter.

Getting rid of the dreads was a time-consuming task that took several hours, and once they were finally gone, the matted hair had to be shaved off completely.

After undergoing a complete hair makeover, Hidey is now experiencing a significant improvement in her overall well-being. The removal of all the tangled locks and matted hair has made her feel much more comfortable and relieved.

A far-off kin of her previous owner will be taking care of her from now on, giving her a shot at leading a content and fit life.

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