The Ingenious Plan of a Shelter Cat to Attract Potential Adopters Who Ignored Him

When selecting a furry companion, most individuals opt for those that are charming and attractive. Therefore, shelter animals have to be eye-catching to increase their chances of being adopted. However, occasionally, they must do more than merely looking cute to secure a permanent home.

Sigmund, a three-year-old feline, did just that. Despite being a lovable cat, nobody seemed interested in adopting him. Consequently, he had to spend most of his life in the Cat Haven WA animal shelter, struggling to catch anyone’s attention.

This furry creature had the chance to be part of a loving family, but sadly it didn’t last long. The adoptive parents decided to return him to the shelter just after two weeks of being together because they found his playfulness too rough for their liking.

Despite being sent back to the shelter, Sigmund never lost hope of finding a forever home. He was determined to avoid being returned again and came up with a clever strategy to grab the attention of both the shelter staff and prospective adopters.

A smart feline named Sigmund started licking the glass window of his enclosure whenever someone passed by who could potentially adopt him. The Cat Haven WA staff took notice of this behavior and decided to snap some photos, which they shared on Facebook in hopes of attracting a new owner for Sigmund.

Fortunately, Sigmund’s amusing and endearing approach worked like a charm, catching the attention of many. This resulted in him being adopted by a loving family who appreciates his grumpy yet quirky personality and the fact that he keeps their windows spotless!

Have you ever witnessed a feline exhibiting such behavior? Kindly express your opinions in the comment section and do not hesitate to pass it on to your loved ones to bring a smile to their faces.

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