“The Unlikely Bond of a Flightless Pigeon and Paralyzed Chihuahua Goes Viral”

Inter-species connections go beyond the fight for survival and can showcase the power of love and friendship. Animals are known to form unusual bonds that defy expectations and Herman and Lundy are a perfect example. This unlikely duo consists of a pigeon named Herman, who is unable to fly, and a chihuahua puppy named Lundy, who is unable to walk. Their heartwarming relationship has captured the hearts of many. The pair met at The Mia Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Rochester, New York. This foundation specializes in rehabilitating animals born with defects.

Herman has been living at the rescue center for more than a year now. He was discovered in a parking lot, unable to fly or move. Although wildlife rescuers thought that Herman had little chance of survival, Sue Rogers, the founder of The Mia Foundation, was confident that he would beat the odds. While Herman won’t be able to fly again, he continues to be an adorable presence at the center, where he will remain a permanent resident.

Meanwhile, Lundy was only four weeks old when a breeder in South Carolina deemed him useless due to his special needs and surrendered him to a shelter. Fortunately, Lundy found a new home at Sue’s foundation, where he received all the love and comfort he needed and even made a special friend.

Sue knew that Herman and Lundy would be the best of friends from the moment they met. She took Herman out of his playpen and placed him in a dog bed for some alone time. Later, when she tended to Lundy, she put him in the same bed as Herman. This was the beginning of their inseparable bond. Sue snapped some pictures of them together, which quickly went viral on the internet after she shared them on Facebook. She said that they looked adorable together and the response was overwhelming.

Sue’s post about the cute pair of Herman and Lundy spread like wildfire across the internet, capturing the hearts of millions of people. In addition to their newfound fame, the rescue center received a lot of generous donations from kind-hearted individuals. Sue expressed her gratitude for the over $6,000 raised through the simple sharing of a picture featuring a pigeon and a puppy in love. She believes that heartwarming stories like theirs are much needed in the world today.

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