“The Unnoticed Feline Who Finds Love Despite Losing Her Vision”

Cats with special needs may not realize that they are different from other cats. Despite their unique needs, they can be just as lively, curious, and loving as any other feline. One example is Moet the Blind Cat, who was born in Oman and had a rough start to life. She ended up in a pet store where she fell ill with cat flu, which spread to her eyes. Left alone and ignored, Moet needed rescuing. Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat stepped in to save her, but had to remove her infected eyes during emergency surgery. Six days later, Moet’s life changed when she heard a woman’s kind voice and experienced human affection for the first time. This woman, Emily, fell in love with Moet and adopted her in 2014. Despite her past, Moet is now thriving and making the most of her nine lives.

I recently had a chat with Emily and we discussed the charming and captivating Moet. Her infectious smile is bound to brighten up anyone’s day! When asked about Moet’s personality, Emily described her as cheerful and affectionate. However, Moet tends to get bored easily. This might be due to her inability to sit still and observe her surroundings like other cats. As a result, she requires ample entertainment and attention, even though she isn’t one for sitting on laps.

Do you know what makes Moet stand out? Well, for one thing, Moet is a generous feline who donates all the earnings from her online store and book sales to a local animal rescue group. In fact, every penny of profit goes towards charity. Additionally, Moet’s owner asserts that she is a remarkable and capable cat, and some people who meet her in person find it hard to believe that she is visually impaired. If you want to check out Moet’s store, click on the link provided. By the way, Moet has a feline companion named Luna, who was also rescued by Al Qurum Veterinarians, the same veterinary clinic that saved Moet’s life.

Wow, her coat is stunning! Is there anything we can do to assist in maintaining her beauty?
Actually, she is quite self-sufficient but she does enjoy having her teeth cleaned multiple times a day and also loves when we brush her hair. If you’re interested in following Moet the Blind Cat on social media, check out her links below. Additionally, don’t forget to visit her website as well!

I want to take a moment to thank Emily for her incredible work in rescuing Moet and helping other stray cats. It’s an honor to share her inspiring story with the readers of Cattitude Daily. Emily is truly a hero and an angel for animals! Be sure to share this heartwarming tale with any fellow cat lovers you know. And if you’re a fan of Persian cats, check out cattitudedaily.com for more information on these magnificent felines.

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