“Unleashing the Determination of a Cat: Outsmarting Locked Fridges and Cabinets in Pursuit of Food”

Weight is usually the top priority for cat owners, but some felines are naturally healthy and lively despite their size. One such example is a mischievous black-and-white cat in Bristol, England that loves to eat everything in sight. His owner, Sara Matthews, had to install child locks on the fridge to keep him from overindulging, but he managed to outsmart her and still gets his fill.

Keith was once a stray feline suffering from malnutrition and digestive issues. When Sara’s daughter turned ten, she wanted to do something significant to aid in her autism treatment. With a warm heart and an open door, Sara took in the kitty. However, Keith quickly became quite the sneaky snack thief, scouring the fridge and cupboards for treats each night.

After realizing that their cat had an insatiable appetite, the family decided to take action. To prevent him from overindulging, Sara purchased locks to keep him away from food. According to Sara, their feline friend would devour anything he could get his paws on, including vegetables and pizza crusts salvaged from their own trash and even their neighbors’ bins.

Sara was clueless about Keith’s intelligence and persistence. On a particular occasion, she placed a weighty sack in front of the cupboard to prevent the cunning feline from meddling with it. However, Keith proved to be more resourceful than expected by using his hefty 24-pound body to shift the bag out of the way instead of relying on his delicate paws.

According to the lady, her furry friend used to jump into the fridge whenever she opened it and she was afraid that he might get stuck inside without her realizing it. To prevent this from happening, she has now resorted to storing all his food in plastic containers with secure locking lids. Although they have also attempted to use puzzle feeders to help regulate his eating, he has proven to be too clever and just ends up spilling them over.

Keith, the 9-year-old cat, has been steadily gaining weight over the past 7 years, much to the concern of his owner. Sara, Keith’s human, has noticed that he has become quite chonky and was worried about his health. Upon investigation, they found out that Keith had been going through their neighbors’ trash in search of food because he didn’t feel like he was getting enough at home. Unfortunately, Keith’s weight gain has also caused further problems, as he experiences stomach issues when on antibiotics. To counteract this, he needs to have food with an appetite stimulant, which only exacerbates his weight issue.

It was discovered that Keith had been given a unique diet during his impoverished upbringing to combat gastrointestinal issues. However, as he grew older, his insatiable appetite led to excessive weight gain and stealing food from other felines. This became a serious concern for his family due to his health problems. In order to secure his future well-being, Sara spent approximately US$3459.96 to test Keith for any potential diseases.

Sara shared that they have invested a considerable amount of money on their furry friend over the years. During the cat’s first year, he had to take various medications to manage his eye and ear issues as a kitten. They also had to purchase pricey food costing £70 per bag, which the cat consumed for three years. Recently, in 2020, they spent £2,500 on blood tests to diagnose Cushing’s disease, diabetes, and other ailments, but fortunately, all the results came back negative.

Despite the financial and emotional toll it took on her, Sara never gave up on her beloved cat, Keith. However, when she shared Keith’s weight loss journey on social media, she was disappointed that some people were not satisfied with all the sacrifices she had made.

Sara shared that they receive negative comments on the internet about their cat’s size. In the past, she would have believed that they were not taking care of him properly or feeding him too much. However, they consulted with a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition and received assurance that they have done everything they can for their cat’s well-being. Sara expressed this sentiment sincerely.

Even though Sara may still struggle with Keith’s weight, her beloved cat seems to be doing well overall and is always happy and healthy. Keith has become quite the sensation on Instagram, boasting almost 95K followers who eagerly await his next cat-cow photo. In addition to Keith, Sara also has two other cats which have helped her daughter develop important social skills.

According to Sara, her cat Keith is quite content despite his weight. It seems he doesn’t perceive it as a problem at all and lives just like any other feline. In fact, Keith is more active than Sara’s other two cats.

It is my hope that God, along with the support and care of Sara’s loved ones and Keith’s opponent, will bring happiness, good health, and boundless affection to her family.

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