Unwavering Loyalty: A Dog’s Selfless Act of Sacrifice to Save Its Owner.

In the Philippines, Rudy Bunggal found an abandoned puppy in a rice field two years ago. He took the dog home and named it Kabang. One day, while his daughter and niece were about to be hit by a motorbike, Kabang bravely intervened and jumped into the street to stop the vehicle. Tragically, the accident resulted in the loss of the dog’s entire upper jaw and muzzle.

An online donation campaign was initiated to provide financial aid for Kabang, the brave dog who had been injured while saving two children in the Philippines. People from all over the world contributed generously to support Kabang and expressed their admiration and concern for the dog’s well-being. With the funds raised from this campaign, Kabang was brought to the Veterinary Medicine training hospital of the University of California Davis in the USA for treatment. However, during the medical examination, doctors discovered that Kabang was suffering from cancer and urgently needed chemotherapy.
Despite having to undergo chemotherapy, Kabang showed signs of improvement during the treatment process, with no residual tumors being found. Currently, Kabang is still undergoing treatment to remove the worms in her arteries before treatment can be provided for the wound on her face.

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