When a Stray Cat Meets Her New Canine Friend: A Tale of Instant Affection

The instant he laid eyes on her, he was hooked 💖. Allow us to introduce you to Cinder and Bridger McPurr – two furry siblings who share an unbreakable bond.
These adorable pets are residents of Mojo’s Hope, a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Anchorage, Alaska. Although they come from different backgrounds and have unique requirements, their mutual love for snuggles has brought them together as the closest of pals.

In 2015, Cinder became a part of the Mojo’s Hope program. She was discovered in the woods by a hiker alongside her litter of puppies. Shannon Basner, who owns Mojo’s Hope, stated that Cinder was initially extremely fearful and had limited socialization. The hiker took Cinder to Mat-Su Valley Shelter, where she was looked after for six months with the care and affection she required. Cinder was then moved to Mojo’s Hope after completing her stay at the shelter.

According to Basner, when Cinder entered their program, she flourished under their care. She developed a sense of trust towards them, and what stood out about her was her kind and empathetic personality. Since being a part of Mojo’s Hope, Cinder has formed close bonds with all her fellow program siblings, particularly the cats. Basner commented that Cinder has taken on the role of an exceptional mentor for any new rescues that come into their program. Her motherly love, nurturing nature, and safe haven have provided these rescues with an environment of love and care.

Mojo’s Hope took in a new feline in July of 2022. The poor kitty, named Bridger McPurr by the rescue, was discovered outside in the cold and was unable to use his legs. The staff at Mojo’s Hope found him just in time and brought him to Anchorage Animal Care and Control for urgent medical attention. Although Bridger’s legs were still not functioning correctly after some time, he remained in good spirits, according to Basner. Despite his difficult start to life, Bridger perked right back up!

Not long after, Bridger made his way to Mojo’s Hope as a foster cat, eager to shower his new family with love. According to Basner, Bridger was already purring incessantly upon his arrival and snuggled up to her neck with such affection that it was clear he had been cared for and loved before. Given Bridger’s affinity for cuddles, Basner felt that Cinder would make the perfect companion for him. She introduced the two feline siblings and they hit it off immediately.

According to Basner, Cinder becomes extremely happy when she has her fellow feline pals around to cuddle with. However, when it comes to Bridger, she was initially hesitant knowing he was delicate. Over time, Cinder became more comfortable snuggling with Bridger, but the affectionate cat didn’t hold back in showing love to his canine sister. Basner noted that Bridger was immediately smitten with Cinder and began cuddling with her as soon as he laid eyes on her. To witness the heartwarming moments of Cinder and Bridger snuggling together, check out the video linked above.

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